When in Rome

This time last year I had just got back from a four day round trip to Rome with one of my lovely friends. Since it’s been a while that I have travelled to anywhere exotic, reminiscing over our trip has given me a serious dose of wanderlust. Our trip was truly magical.

Although journeying out of England without my parents was a first for me, having my buddy by my side to share in those ‘wow this is incredible’ moments was very special.

So we spent 4 days, including travel, exploring the city and we absolutely packed those days to the brim. Rome is steeped in history and culture, even just walking down an old cobbled side street felt like a history lesson in itself. It was definitely full on, especially with the intense city heat. It wasn’t just hot, it was I-would-really-like-to-be-naked-right-now scorching, but you get to a point where you just embrace it and start to wear the film of sweat like an accessory (ew, sorry).

And then of course, there was the food. Oh, the food. Lapping up creamy Italian gelato by the Pantheon, indulging with a cheesy pizza under the gaze of the Colosseum, sipping on Valpolicella in a breezy café watching the world go by. Sounds a bit of alright, doesn’t it? Everything was so fresh; the veg, the dough, the herbs. Basically a food-lover’s dream.

When we weren’t eating, we were on our feet trying to orientate ourselves and decode the mind-boggler that was our map. Top tip; prior planning and a rough idea of an itinerary comes in really handy when you’re short on time and eager to get the most out of a city. We managed to squeeze every last drop of culture out of our trip and I do think that that was due to our good organisation!

Vatican City, check. Trevi Fountain, check. Pantheon, check. Castel Sant’Angelo, check. Colosseum, check. We visited all the main sights, as well as rowing on a blissful lake at Villa Borghese and enjoying a cocktail in Piazza Navona.

As a language student, I also tried my tongue at the language because who doesn’t love the sound of Italian being expressed in it’s rhythmic flurry of passion. Despite my novice standard, the locals seemed to really appreciate me giving it a go. Granted, they then replied to me in Italian and, stumbling over my words in a very British manner, I replied ‘Oh, sorry that’s all I know, do you mind speaking in English?’ and the excitement of a cracking Italian conversation quickly faltered. But even just being surrounded by sound of round vowels and rollings of the tongue set my language senses tingling.

I can’t believe it was a whole year ago since I was there. I would definitely go again, this time ditching the tours and letting myself get lost so I can explore the more unbeaten track. But when in Rome, you can’t not indulge in the culture and history of the city. My top three must-see sights would probably be the Vatican City, Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, and then if you have time definitely take a break away from the bustling crowds and float on a boat at Villa Borghese.

Anyway, that’s enough of my wanderlust filled ramblings. Where is your favourite city to visit?

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