Hungry for Hummus

4pm looms and i’m craving a chocolate digestive. My hand finds the biscuit tin and then there’s no going back. A whole pack, gone in less than 10 minutes. Biscuits have always been my weakness. When I was younger, my Mum allowed us a maximum of three biscuits after school. One time, I rebelled by sneaking three more chocolate biscuits up my top and running to gobble them up in my room. When I got there, I lifted my jumper only to find the chocolate had melted onto my white school shirt. Busted. That taught me a lesson, for sure.

But these days, since trying to watch my sugar intake (which my body is very thankful for), i’ve wanted to find more nutritious snack ideas to get me by. Being cleverer with my 4pm cravings has left me feeling less sluggish and keeps me going until dinner time. I’ve got a few faves, but today I was feeling the savoury vibes.

Enter, hummus! If you like shop-bought hummus then you’ll love this recipe; it’s cheaper, more customisable and you know exactly what’s gone into them. It’s super duper quick and easy and lasts a good week or so in the fridge (that is if it hasn’t been demolished by then!).

You should have most of the ingredients in your cupboards, except maybe for the tahini. If you don’t have tahini to hand, don’t fret! You can definitely make hummus without it, I just find that it gives it more of an authentic, deep flavour (although I don’t recommend licking the spoon after measuring it out, it’s not good).

So how’d you make it? Simple.


400g can chickpeas

1-2 garlic cloves

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

1 tbsp tahini

4 tbsp tahini

2 tbsp olive oil

Squeeze of lemon (the amount of squeeze depends on how zesty you’re feeling)

Pinch of salt


– Pop all the ingredients into a blender

– Whizz whizz whizz away!

– Serve in a fancy dish with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of paprika, or store in an airtight container in the fridge.


I’ve opted for a more ‘classic’ humous recipe here but feel free to jazz it up to suit you; adding cinnamon, turmeric and sautéed onion will give it more of a Moroccan twist.

Dunk in some crackers, carrots or pitta bread, dollop it on a salad, or eat it by the spoonful (my personal fave thing to do); the options are literally endless.

It’s made my afternoons a tad more exotic, and the process of actually making the hummus is also quite therapeutic.

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do, and enjoy making this recipe your own!

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