A Spot O’ Hygge | 5 Things I Love About Autumn

I love Autumn – it’s my absolute fave. Unfortunately, so far this year it’s been a bit naff. Rain, rain, oh and more rain. It really does put a dampener on your day, quite literally. It’s lovely and cosy when you’re inside and the gentle patter against the window lulls you to sleep. But when it’s still dark and you’ve got to go out the house in the coat that is still moist (sorry) from the day before…it’s a no from me, thanks.

But I’m determined to not let these damp days get me down, and instead I’ve decided to consciously bring more Hygge into my day. What is hygge? I hear you ask. Good question. There are whole books dedicated to hygge and I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert, but I believe it is a Danish term that means ‘the feeling of cosiness and contentment evoked by simple comforts’. It’s the act of doing ‘cosy’. Now, I am all over that. Cosy is my middle name…actually, it rhymes with my first name. 

I’ve spoken before how I really try to bask in the little joys in life, how they point to my ultimate Joy in Jesus, and how that helps with my mental wellbeing (give this post a read if you fancy). Autumn, for me, is abundant in these little joys, and I wanted to share a few of my faves to perhaps perk you up amidst the drizzle and doom. So here are…

5 Things I Love About Autumn


Blankets, jumpers, socks, scarves…yes, yes, yes and YES. I can be a bit of a moaner when it comes to the cold. ‘Oooo it’s a bit chilly’ is a phrase that comes out of my mouth multiple times a day. But one thing that appeases my moaning is the chance to whip out the wool. I will happily sit for hours clicking my knitting needles whatever the weather, but I enjoy it even more on an Autumnal evening. And if you’re not the knitting type (if not, why not?), wiggling your toes into a pair of woolly socks and snuggling under a blanket is the best remedy to a bad day. Wool works wonders. That’s my motto.


Their colour, their sound, their smell. ‘She’s lost it, she’s totally lost it’. Yeah, you’re right, but I really am partial to an autumn leaf. Forget stop and smell the roses, stop and pick up a leaf (although maybe wash your hands afterwards…)


My favourite thing to cook, and eat, is bowl food. Stews, curries, porridge, soups…it’s the kind of food that you can take your time over, letting it simmer for a while and giving yourself that space to unwind after a jam packed day. In our culture of rushing from one thing to another, we sometimes don’t give ourselves chance to take time over our food. I might be a bit biased because I’m a massive foodie and I love cooking, but I do think there is something super soothing about how cooking appeals to all the senses. I would encourage you, even if it’s just once or twice a week, to take time to cook something hearty from scratch without rushing through it and allowing yourself to enjoy the process. It doesn’t have to be difficult – it can be as simple as simmering some vegetables in a pot with a bunch of herbs and some stock before ladling it over some mashed potatoes. Mmmm, mashed potatoes. Hands down the best food group. 

Smooth tunes

I have a few artists that I play on repeat in the autumn months. I’ve got a Spotify playlist full of songs that remind me of a cold autumnal days at home when I was little. Songs that remind me of preparing the Christmas cake in October with my Mum, of family get togethers, of slow Saturday mornings. Songs that I would listen to as I daydreamed on the school bus home. And the association I have with these songs wrap me in a hygge hug and instantly help to make me feel relaxed. ‘Alexa, play Gregory Porter’.

Strictly Come Dancing

…and perhaps the best thing about this time of year? Strictly’s back! It’s not for everyone, granted, but boy do I love it. I don’t watch many programmes religiously, Friends and Miranda aside, but there’s something special about Strictly. The routines, the outfits, the chassés, the fleckerls (does anyone actually know what one of those is?)…in the words of Craig Revel Horward, it is all fab-u-lous, darling.

What brings you a bit of joy in the colder months? I encourage you to try and incorporate them into your day and, bonus, perhaps they’ll spur you on to bring a little bit of joy into somebody else’s life too. Provide a blanket, make a cup of tea, smile. We could all do with some sun in this soggy season.

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