So, it’s been a while…

Sorry about that.

I stepped aboard the second year train, not fully prepared for the pace at which we would be travelling. Not long after the engine kicked in and we picked up speed, I realised that I was on board one of those high speed trains and not the gently chugging steam train that I was expecting. It seems only a moment ago that I hopped on, only to hop off at a station called ‘Summer’, laden with all the luggage that I have accumulated this past year.

Do you think i’ve exhausted the train analogy yet? It’s possible.

But honestly, I have had a fab year. It didn’t always seem like it in the midst of a full on course and the banality of the day to day. But I feel incredibly blessed to have spent it with some of my most favourite people, in a glorious city, alongside my King, Jesus, discovering more about Him and His love.

As I write, I am sat out in my garden at home, a canopy of gentle heat draping over my head as the sun slowly sinks behind the trees, the faint smell of day old suncream bouncing off my warm skin. The sweet melody of a bird sounds from the tree next to me, harmonising with a wind chime in the distance.

It’s bliss.

I’ve not always been this in love with summer. Up until a couple of years ago, I would enjoy the sun for a few weeks but then want to reach for my scarves and comfy socks. But more recently I’ve noticed how dramatically a bit of light and warmth can change your mood. You’re hot, so you are forced to slow your pace. The flowers are in bloom, so you lift your gaze from the pavement and look up.

In the winter we all tend to brush past each other, spending the smallest amount of time possible out in the cold, desperate to get home and under a blanket (my happy place, not gonna lie). But when the sun pops up to say hello, the halloumi runs out of stock at the Co-op, the gin starts flowing and people smile at each other when they pass on the street. It’s a cliché, yes, but it’s bliss.

Recently, I’ve tried to really appreciate these little things and learn how to be more mindful. When I cook, when I’m out walking, when I’m in a bit of a pickle. For me, I feel like I then become more aware of God’s presence in every moment because my ears are more attuned to His voice and I can witness Him working.

And in this glorious summer that we are having, I find there are so many little moments to enjoy. The cool shower at the end of a sticky summery day, or the smoke of a barbecue from a nearby park lingering in the air.

So that’s my reminder to you today. Stop and smell the roses if you will, literal or not. Even if it’s for one fleeting moment of your day. If it brings you joy, just pause and let yourself enjoy it before carrying on with the busyness of life.

That’s me for now. It feels SO GOOD to write something creative again. It makes a change from writing essays that’s for sure. And it was about time that I restarted this blogging malarky anyway, as I’ll be jetting off to France in August to kick start my year abroad (more on that to come) and I aim to document the living day lights out of that one!

Anyway, enjoy your day people and I’ll speak to you soon.

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