Guess who’s back, back again…

It’s been a while.

A few weeks ago, I picked up sticks and headed back up to the hilly land of Sheffield. It’s been wonderful but as you can imagine, things have been preeee-tty busy. In amongst settling in, beavering around making our new house a home, walking up endless hills and remembering how to use a pen and paper, I’ve not really had the headspace to write anything.

But here I am. Fairy lights are on, candles are lit, cup of coffee is in hand and I’m feeling ready to get bloggy with it.

So I was super excited to come back to Uni. After a very long summer and spending so much time sitting in my beloved armchair at home that I had literally become part of the furniture, I was looking forward to regaining some structure in my life.

And it was a relatively easy transition. My heart did break when I waved my parents off and I have had quite a few pangs of homesickness when all I want is a squeeze from my Mum. But, I think being at Uni is the epitome of ‘bittersweet’. Yes, I really miss my family and friends, my dog, and my home comforts but my life in Sheffield is a happy one. I’m surrounded by wonderful people, leafy views and I am studying a subject that I LOVE.

The other day, I was walking back from one of my first lectures of the year that satisfied all my nerdy cravings, the sun was warm on my back and one of my all time favourite songs (‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire – cool, eh?) starting playing through my headphones and my heart gave a little flutter. I thought to myself, ‘yeah, this is where I am meant to be’.

I am a firm believer in God’s plan. Yeah it can sometimes be scary to jump on board but man, it’s so worth it when you do. I know God wanted me to be in Sheffield and He has blessed me with so much up here. I am part of a seriously fab church, Sheffield Vineyard, which is full to the brim of relentless worshippers who passionately pray for each other and encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus in every situation. I am so excited to see how God is going to move amongst us this coming year.

He led me to that church and the impact it has had on me has been life changing – I have so much more clarity on who Jesus is now than ever before! And since being in Sheffield, it feels as though some of the things that I had been struggling with for years in my life, which drenched me from top to toe in anxiety, are slowly drying out in the sun of God’s love and grace.

And just to gush about Sheffield a little bit more, can I just say that I am delighted with the amount of cool food shops near me. You know I love cooking, so evidently I love FOOD. So imagine my excitement when I realised there was a greengrocer up the road full of fruit, veg and every nut butter you could think of and an international supermarket round the corner that fulfils all my rye bread dreams!

And on that note…

I didn’t really have an agenda for this blog post but I thought that I would just give you a quick update to get the ball rolling again. I’m planning to post a bit more frequently now that I have settled in so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts. I hope you are all just as excited for brown-leaves, blankets and baked goods as I am (autumn lovers put your hands in the air!). Have a great day and I’ll write to you soon.


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